Susie Strong

I’m joining forces with a throng of bloggers today in a shout out for Susie Lindau who is currently undergoing a double mastectomy in Colorado.  (You can read about it here.)  Susie is the queen of our blogging hearts, a hostess extraordinaire, who knows how to live large and live well.  Plus, she throws the very best parties!

Today, and in days to come, she needs all the love, strength and best wishes we can all muster.  That she is a formidable woman, strong enough to kick cancer’s ass on her own is without question.  But, why go it alone when you can have friends along on this particular wild ride?

So, Susie — this one’s for you, my friend.  You’ve got a mighty big group of friends who can’t wait to have you back where you belong: wild-riding, dancing, photo-bombing, juggling flower pots, and generally just being your joy-filled, cancer-free self again.



A purple iris as vibrant as Susie.

A purple iris as vibrant as Susie.

6 thoughts on “Susie Strong

  1. I am humbled and overwhelmed by your amazing post!
    I believe that it is because of you and others that my prognosis turned out so well! I could feel all the positive energy and prayers before I knew this was going on. Really!
    Thank you so very much!
    I am very slowly coming back…. 🙂


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