If Andy Warhol came back as a horse . . .



Would he look something like this?

Would he look like this?

A friend of mine has a horse she calls Rohan.  She also owns a tiny horse called Hobbit.  (She’s a huge LOTR fan.)  I took this photo of Rohan last month and then played around with it using various photo apps.  The picture makes me think of Andy Warhol.

What does this have to do with anything?  Nothing.  I just liked the photo.  It’s fun.  It’s summer.  And I’m not really here.

If you want to read something, though, here’s a VERY brief encapsulation of my entire life accompanied by 6 meaningful songs (plus a bonus track).  I’m featured with the very cool Hippie Cahier over at Life in 6 Songs. It’s a fun read, plus there’s great music.  What could be better than that on a summer’s day?

See y’all soon.


29 thoughts on “If Andy Warhol came back as a horse . . .

  1. Rohan gives Mr. Ed a run for his money! Thank you for the music link. Can’t get enough music. Looking forward to finding out how you do justice to your life in six songs.


    • Except that Rohan can’t talk. I don’t know if it’s possible to do justice to a life in six songs, but it was fun to think about the parts that stand out. I’m with you on the music.


  2. Andy Warhol was a horse in his past life…TOTALLY! This was delightful and a great reminder that I need to hop over to Christy’s site and read your stories and listen to your songs 🙂


    • Thanks, Michelle. Isn’t it fun to get those little glimpses of people’s life through their choice of songs?! I’m amazed at how many times I read the others, and think – Oh! Yes. I love that song!

      One of the best ways to relate to others. 🙂


  3. Could be And-he Ate an apple Hol given his penchant for the crunchy fruits.
    A horse is a horse of course of course and no-one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course unless the horse is the famous ANDY! ???B


  4. Of course, of course!

    (and I see great minds think alike with others above thinking of Mr. Ed!)

    Thanks again for taking part in the music series, Mary. It was a pleasure having you!


  5. Love the photo and I get why you think of Andy Warhol!
    But what I really, really loved was getting to know your a bit through Life in 6 Songs. What a cool thing! Listening to the songs, and reading your words made me understand why I have always liked you / your blog.
    And your last words, about being happy most of the time, certainly seem to ring true … as that is the essence of what you share.


      • Are you kidding me? I would have required an inhaler to finish War and Peace. And a rather lovely nurse to administer my pain pills. And seeing as how I’m not a Congressman, that second part wasn’t happening.


  6. Had to come back and read this, again. Not unusual, I do it all the time on your blog. But here’s something else. A video me and my son have argued on since forever. I say it’s America-wrapped in four plus minutes worth of genius Warhol. You have to watch the whole thing.
    PS- I’m not intimating that horses and BK have anything in common. Horses are beautiful evidence of a mystical unknown. BK? Is just shit food.


    • Well, that’s Andy all over. Sitting there making us look at ourselves,warts and all. I love how he eats most of the burger, then removes the one bun, folds the other over the rest of the burger and finishes it off. Like that isn’t weird at all.

      I’m curious as to what your son thinks this video is?


      • My son thinks this video is a sign of the apocalypse. I informed him that it happened back in the age of New Coke, heavy metal and Ronald Reagan’s believable enough black hair. So yanno, I gave him perspective.


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