A Love Song

bob & jordan France 2

Just an old-fashioned love song,
One I’m sure they wrote for you and me.
Just an old-fashioned love song,
Comin’ down in three-part harmony . . .

~~~  Three Dog Night


Of all the photos I have ever taken, this one is my favorite:  My husband and our son walking down the street in a French village twenty-two years ago.  They are walking away from me not to go anywhere in particular, but to allow me to record how astonishingly narrow the street is, using them as a measure.

I don’t remember where this was specifically.  Somewhere in the Provence area.  We had rented a car and were driving around to various places we’d pinpointed on a map.  A guide book I read mentioned a villa outside this village that Picasso may (or may not) have lived in for a short time.  We thought it would be fun to say we saw where Picasso may (or may not) have lived.  It was the first trip we’d taken where we needed passports.  We were giddy with excitement.

Thanks to the digital services of online places like Zazzle, this photo now adorns the case on my cell phone, as well as cheering me from a mug as I enjoy a cup of tea.  I bought three mugs bearing this photo, one for each of us.  To remind us.

We are a love song.  The three-part harmony.  The Boy and his Dad striding step by step along side of one another, me capturing the joy of a free and easy moment to carry us through life’s rough patches.  For me, the thought of that is all the Valentine I will ever need.


26 thoughts on “A Love Song

  1. I love how their arms appear to be swinging in sync. Just makes me smile.

    And I love that this is your phone case. “Every day is Valentine’s Day.”

    And how cool is it that you saw where Picasso may or may not have lived?

    So good to see your name in my in-box. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, Mary!


  2. So much to love in this post … the three part harmony, the giddy with travel excitement, that you captured the movement of happy, confident, swinging arms, that narrow street, and that you have this memory to sustain you and carry you.


  3. I have no such beautiful photo, but I have walked the Oswegatchie trail of upstate NY, where the talented footsteps of marydpierce once were, they continue to echo on today—how lucky am I?
    The luckiest!
    Penny Powers

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    • Big Fat Oops! Just did research it and found out I was Wrong. I find this very difficult to believe because I am NEVER wrong, especially since I have reached this advanced age. Well. It happened. This just goes to prove… Sorry. Now the computer is offering me the opportunity to “cancel reply” but this one isn’t what I want to cancel, it is the previous one and I don’t see any way to touch it….Just an old lady messing around…

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      • That’s one of the problems with such easy access to all kinds of information – sometimes we discover that we are wrong. But, honestly, your writing is always so charming, who cares is you occasionally get something wrong. I’m always happy to hear whatever you have to say!


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