A Place of One’s Own



There are so many things to like about this place; so many reasons not to move —
the feel of grass licking the backs of my bare legs, the
damp smell of earth, the leaves overhead
like silvered wings of whispering butterflies.
My eyes drawn to slivers peering
at the world through a curtain of flowering stalks
whose buds are just beginning to bloom.

I am a child again looking for sanctuary.

mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa



We Could Be Giants

The path ahead

They stood on the bridge and thought about what came next. The slant sun warm on their backs, while the river below held its breath, waiting for their decision.

What if this is not the path we are supposed to take? He asked.

What if it is? She answered.

And after leaning awhile in silence, they pulled themselves up in tacit agreement and pressed on ahead.