Authentic Drama Queen

I am passionate about many things, and when I’m talking about one of those things, I move my hands around. I get loud. When I was a kid, my parents used to tell me I should be an actress. They said this when I was being “overly dramatic,” which I guess I was. A lot.

I love drama. I seek it out everywhere: in fiction, in theater and movies, music. Even historical re-enactments, of which I am fond. Every good story has drama. The vivid, highly emotional, conflicting interests that make it glorious fun to get lost inside the details.

That’s why, when my husband emailed me this photo (which he found at his favorite antique auto/gear head message board — even gear heads get embroiled in drama, which is why someone posted the picture in the first place), I had to use it. It’s so me. If not physically, then spiritually. I offer it here for anyone who might stop by. So, go ahead. Embrace your passion a bit. We could all do worse than to occasionally be a truly, utterly, authentic drama queen.


3 thoughts on “Authentic Drama Queen

  1. I love your drama queen! She reminds me of another favorite writer/blogger of mine, The Bloggess. She's definitely not appropriate for kids, like me, but come to think of it, you might get a kick out of her.


  2. You're so funny, Mary! And, YES, you do get passionate about things, but I would never label you a "drama queen!" After all, don't DQs get worked up over things that don't matter? I have always felt that you spend your drama rather judiciously! 😉


  3. There is hope for Julia Anne as she is certainly "overly dramatic". It would be great if she grew up to be like you….or even better a combination of you Lynda and Jan!


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