Make a mark!

September 15th is International Dot Day.  This excites me to no end.  Dot Day is all about being creative, and fearless, and thinking outside the box.  It’s about inspiring children to make art, to learn and to connect by sharing their art and their vision with one another.  It’s based on the book The Dot, written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, and published by Candlewick Press in 2003.

You can find out more about Dot Day by clicking here.

Teachers and librarians and children all over the world are participating.  You can watch the video, “Two Libraries, One Voice Dot Day Celebration,” a collaboration by Shannon Miller and the always amazing John Schumacher here.

And for the occasion, I have made my mark, which you can see below:

Dots, lots of dots. This makes me happy.

So, let’s celebrate.  Children – and all those who used to be children – go out and make art.   I think the world could use some dots today.  Don’t you?

9 thoughts on “Make a mark!

    • Oh, my. She’s quite something. I hadn’t heard of her, but I REALLY like her work. It has such energy. I’m going to look for the Alice in Wonderland book that she illustrated. Thank you so much for sharing the link. And, as always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I’m a friend of Jack Urquhart’s. I really like your blog and I would like to nominate you for a Versatile Blogger Award, but I thought I check with you first to make sure you didn’t object. There are all these silly things you’re supposed to do when you get nominated, but of course there is no law requiring you to do them!


    • That is very sweet of you, Lorinda. And what a nice thing to say about my blog. I haven’t been at this very long and am still trying to find a focus for my prattling. Don’t know if I ever will figure it out. My goal is to at least blog more often, and perhaps that way my intentions will come to me.


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