If it’s Monday, I must be home. . . .

My friend, Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom, hosts an I Don’t Like Monday Blog Hop. She’s invited me to join the party.  The best thing about the invitation is, it’s not necessary to dislike Mondays.  Which I don’t.  In fact, I rather like Mondays.  The way I look at it, Monday is a whole new beginning.  A chance to start anew on those pesky things I didn’t finish the week before.

That’s why I’m almost always home on Monday.  I try not to schedule appointments or errands for that day.  I want my new beginning to be really new.  Like having fresh dirt at the starting line in which to dig my heels. . .Get ready. . .Get set. . .Go!

So, because it’s Monday, and I’m busy being all new and getting stuff done, feel free to entertain yourself with this really cool video I stumbled across a few weeks ago.  The Scared is scared.  A senior project by Bianca Giaever.  Music by Alpenglow.  It’s a six-year-old’s imagination made manifest – word by wonderful word – in video.  Worth every second of it’s 7:52 running time.

Welcome to Monday, people.  This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for the rest of the week.  Trust me.

11 thoughts on “If it’s Monday, I must be home. . . .

  1. Can’t say I love Mondays (weekends go way too fast for me) but now I’ll look at them a bit differently. I like the idea that they are the start of something new. So, hey, rainy days and Mondays won’t always get me down. Thanks for another great post, Mary. Loved the video, too. 🙂


  2. Between you and me Mary…I kinda like Mondays too. hee hee. The kids go back to school, the house is mostly quiet, I can get some things done and now that I have this hop, I’ve got all of my terrific bloggy friends visiting and bringing me good things to read. But, for the sake of appearances, I’ll keep singing that Boomtown Rats song. Let’s keep this on the down low. 😉 Cool video!


  3. I’m usually at home on Mondays, too – for just the same reason. I like getting a jump-start on the week. Though yesterday I made an exception and met friends for lunch, which was wonderful and motivating in its own way. (As are 6-year-olds – we’re lucky enough to have our own right here!)


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