Quiet night, ghostly light

This is what happens on a clear night when I cannot sleep, and the moon is full.  I prowl through my house in the dark with a camera.  No tripod.  Just my own unsteady hand.

It’s playtime.

full moon 5 pm txt

I prop myself against a wall and shoot, trying to capture the lamp-lit windows of my neighbors’ houses.  The shutter stays open for an eternity.  My camera weighs a ton.  I am not steady enough.  The lights look like flames.  The reflection from the window throws itself across the room to where I am standing; the moon is a big white puddle on my floor.

full moon 1 pm txt

The den has a pair of windows and an atrium door – a little more shimmering light.  A patch of green appears beyond the balcony.  Proof of spring.  A tiny voice that whispers, I’m here.

full moon 2 pm txt

In this room a window placed too high; a mistake I regret making now, but too late to change.  A cabala of lights beyond the trees seems to agree.  What WERE you thinking they ask.

full moon 4 pm txt

My studio is a room with four windows and no curtains.  I used to paint here.  Now I write.  The room has been overrun by books.  And words.

I love this skulking around the house in the dark, while my husband sleeps, completely unaware that I am up.  I feel like a child guarding a secret that no one knows but me.

You must promise not to tell.

32 thoughts on “Quiet night, ghostly light

  1. Oh wow, your pictures are a beautiful showcase of the hours of the night! I find the pic of the moonlight dance so eye.catchin I do my writings mostly in the mornings. Sometimes I imagine myself as a night creature. The silence, the buildings with only a few lights on, air that has chosen to arrive at the hours.


  2. I won’t tell. Promise. I love that you do that. Love to read about the creative things my friends do and the fact that you’re tip toeing around the darkness when the house is still and dark is inspiring. The photos are gorgeous. I love the blue, I love the feeling they evoke; the mood. Really really lovely.


  3. I won’t tell, it will be our little secret. All 1,000+ of us, haha!

    So odd, my insomnia has been in force lately, and I call it my demon play-time. Those witching hours when all is dark, except for the light of the moon and stars, are when my demons come to play “knock-knock.” They even inspired a 4 AM poem in today’s post. At least we channel them toward creativity and fun (or try to!)

    Beautiful, haunting photos.


  4. thought i was the only child roaming the house at night, gazing at the mysterious moon and thinking poetic thoughts…it will be our secret, yes. i like the flickering flames through your too-high window…lovely


    • Thank you! This was the first time I’ve tried to photograph the moonlight inside the house. Funny how inspiration creeps up on us at odd times. I almost didn’t bother because my son has my tripod. I’m glad I went ahead and gave it a go.


  5. I have tried to capture similar images and when they didn’t work out, I deleted them. You’ve made me see things in a whole new light (pardon the pun!). Nice shots!!!


    • Just keep trying. You never know what you’ll end up with, and digital makes it easy to delete and re-shoot. No expensive film. Unless you still use film? (I have a few friends who still prefer it.)


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