On the Way: Window Dressing

I’ve been traveling around England for a little over a week.  Today I’m in London.  My husband and I have logged some miles walking and today was windy and cool, so I wanted to head back to our hotel early.  On the way we walked past Selfridges.  Some of the window arrangements caught my eye, and for a few minutes I forgot about being tired and cranky.

This spring we watched the weekly PBS presentation of Mr. Selfridge.  I imagine that Harry Selfridge would approve of this display for the Apple iWatch.  I love how all the elements of this design — the butterflies changing color and suspended from thin filaments, the watches on pedestals rising from the bottom — meld with the reflections of sky and the wonderful glass building across the street to create something quite fanciful.


23 thoughts on “On the Way: Window Dressing

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  3. I enjoy walking the streets of a big city and looking at the artistry of store windows. Living in the suburbs has its drawbacks. When I was in Paris in ’10 I loved looking in the windows – especially the patisseries, chocolatiers, and boulangeries. I gained weight just looking. Cheers, here’s to your visit to England.

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    • Thanks, Clay. I’m home now. Trying to get back in the groove and working out what to do with all the photos I took.

      I live in a more rural, small town area. It certainly makes for a heightened appreciation for the artistry of window dressers.

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  4. Great image! Selfridges window displays are marvelous. When we were in London in February they were themed around work that was being displayed upstairs. My son and I spent ages photographing them, with the traffic and passersby reflected in the glass.

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    • Thanks, Su. One of the great things about London is the variety of architecture all around though the reason for such varying styles has to do with the bombings of WWII. Still, it’s such a vibrant city.

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  5. In my attempt to catch up, I first read “Into The Woods” and wondered where you were headed.
    Now I know!
    Aside from the windy walk, I hope you are having a marvelous time.
    The image of butterflies and reflections is super!

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  6. I hope you are enjoying (or enjoyed, if it’s now over) your walkabout. Unfortunately, never having traveled in or to Great Britain, I’m not very familiar with Selfridges (or the titular Mister), but feel I should be. Your photo certainly is spectacular. Anyway, have a wonderful writing week, choccies or not!

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    • Now it’s over, and I am home.

      For us, the thing about Selfridges, besides being an incredibly large and elegant department store, is the fact that Harry Gordon Selfridge, the man of the TV series, and the founder of the store, was a self-made American businessman from very humble beginnings. It’s a rags-to-riches (back to rags again, ultimately) story that people seem to love.

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