Vernal Blossom

vernal blossom

Yesterday was the first day of spring.  I found this lone flower blooming in a pot of greenery by my kitchen window.  Isn’t it lovely?  Oh, harbinger of new and reawakening life.  Oh, beacon of joy.  This is the stuff that stirs poets to pen.

Except that this is my Thanksgiving cactus which ordinarily produces its pink-tinged blossoms and white translucent wings in November, and it did not disappoint four months ago when it was awash with blooms.  In all the years that I have had it, it has never flowered in spring.  Nor has it ever only presented a single bloom.

This morning there was snow.  By the afternoon it was gone.  Harbinger of doom?  Who knows?  I do think we should all hang on to our hats; come summer we may be in for a hot, bumpy ride.


13 thoughts on “Vernal Blossom

  1. Dear Mary,
    You probably have no idea how happy I am when I see the words, “New post on Wilderness of Words” show up in my inbox. It makes a smile form ear to ear.
    Your words are elegant, soothing and make a beeline straight to my heart. Harbinger of doom? Nah! Hoping it’s a sign of more Mary to come this spring. xo

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  2. Mary,

    Well, you are a poet and we all know it. I hope you don’t mind the nickname I have for you, Mary Wild Words? It was a play on the wilderness of words that you shepherd into a symphony, every single time. There’s a magic to that, a good feeling engendered. And God knows the world needs a whole lot more good feeling with all the dumbassery that’s going around.

    And there’s no such thing as enough, Mary. Don’t you know that with every thing you pen we want more and more of it?

    More Mary!


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