In Praise of the Quiet Dads

Bob with Jordan shadow

Gazing at your infant son as he locks eyes on you, both of you as yet unused to such amazement.  The reverence of such a moment.  This is what you signed up for.   This is what sustains you through long nights of wakefulness and days of wondering whether you’re doing it right–this parenting business–so necessary to keep the world chugging forward into a brighter future for us all.

What a hefty weight a parent bears.

Here.  Let me remind you of the connection you made, long ago as it was.

Let me show you how you have loved.


p.s.  Sorry about the coffee.


17 thoughts on “In Praise of the Quiet Dads

  1. Lovely post and great photo – being a dad is the hardest job, well second hardest job after being a mom. Both mean we agree to give first and take second, sometimes third or fourth, or not at all. Teaching lessons the hard way, and yes, cold coffee. Peace to you and yours.

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    • Thank you, Clay. It is a hard job, but as I always stressed to my boy, it was the most important job we would ever have. But, oh, the rewards are so worth it.

      I hope your Father’s Day was lovely. I’m betting that it was.

      Enjoy your week.

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    • Ha! The coffee. Every year on Father’s Day there’s a large show of antique cars held on the grounds of an old abbey. Barring inclement weather, my husband always attends. This year he was leaving extra early in the morning, before I would be awake, so I set the coffee maker up to brew on a timer. He would have a hot pot of freshly brewed coffee to greet him. Ah, but, the best laid plans of mice and well-meaning wives . . .

      Evidently, I didn’t sit the glass carafe properly underneath the drip spout. Instead of fresh coffee, my poor husband to spend 20 minutes cleaning up the goopy mess, and then had to strain the grounds out of his coffee before he could drink it. He chuckled about it upon returning home.

      My husband is a good guy.

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