The beach even in winter

is still the beach,
still the sand,
and the gulls gliding low,
while a piper darts
along the curled edge of water —
too cold for wading,
too cold for swimming,
but for the stalwart few
enrobed in rubber
who persist in their passion
for riding waves.

After days of rain-slashed sodden skies
the sun lures people like me
desperate for a glimpse
of impending spring.
Mostly we sit in our cars
to avoid the brittle wind
leaving it to the dogs in their
fur coats with the owners
who love them enough
to walk with them, hunch-shouldered,
burrowing into their store-bought coats,
all of us looking ahead,
to warmer days.


15 thoughts on “The beach even in winter

  1. “all of us looking ahead,
    to warmer days.” – you’ve said it all. Flummoxed is indeed the word for the majority of us. Sadly, the remaining ones are not awake, not aware, and so dangerously sleep walking. Well done, Mary. Stay vigilant.

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  2. Lovely. The best time I ever had on a beach was in winter… no one was there and we had it all to ourselves. Quiet, peaceful, and serene; only the wind and the surf and an occasional gull. Have a wonderful week. Summer is almost here. Peace.

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  3. Surprisingly, there were quite a few people at the beach the day I was there. Most of them were sitting in their cars looking out at the ocean. I got out to take photos, took a couple, and then got back in my car to sit like the others. It really was a brittle wind that day, in spite of the sun.


  4. Thanks, Lee. Brittle was the way I felt as soon as I got out of my car and stood longer than a couple of seconds in the wind. Made me realize why so many people were sitting in their cars. But, my goodness, what a beautiful day it was. I feel the same way about the healing aspect of the beach.

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