Family Recipe

First, you will need a lake:
Preferably one in which you once flapped fish-like, laughter lifting in iridescent bubbles from your lips.
Best results are achieved mid-summer, when days feel like new clothes you are trying on.

You will also need:
An infant whose buoyancy is limitless.
A father with a never-ending capacity for love.
A mother who adores them both.

Dip the baby in the lake —
that baptismal font of past generations whose sloughed-off atoms may yet be felt.
The sun will bless you with its warmth.

Swirl the baby through the water; kiss and love him well. Hold him
with tender hands. Do not let go. Dip and swirl until
laughter lifts in iridescent bubbles from his lips.
Memory is made from molecules like this.

Repeat as often as you like.
Calorie count is negligible.

About the ingredients:
This is my personal recipe. Your infant/s can be any number, any gender; likewise  parental combination. You can add a village. Water can be an ocean.
Love and Laughter should NOT be omitted under any circumstance.

22 thoughts on “Family Recipe

  1. This poem should be published world wide.  It’s is one of the most tender touching story I’ve read rea in a very very long time

    Purpose:  There is nothing more conducive to long-term happiness than knowing that your actions are making the world a better place.

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  2. My God woman . . how you can write like that!

    I’m just sitting here and smiling . . in awe, at how you make the words move that way. It’s the kind of thing I breathe in, read twice and then I close my eyes in thanks. Because you bring me back to where I need to be. A true believer in the seeds of firmly planted dreams.

    Peace and love . . and a lake

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  3. Peace and Love and a Lake? We called that place Star Lake, a quiet little town in the Northern NY Adirondack Mts!
    I shared this piece with friends who have a new 6 month old baby on their 1st ever camping trip…. they fell in love with it!
    Never stop the gift of word flow you are blessed with! Well written!

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    • Penny Powers, you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing my “recipe” with your friends. Peace and love to you and your friends and that 6 month old baby who has blessed their lives.


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