Not so wordless Wednesday . . . .

. . . . because I so can’t not talk when there’s even the smallest opportunity (my first grade teacher once moved my desk behind her upright piano so I couldn’t gab to anyone).  And the title of my blog has “Words” in the title, after all.

Faerie Dance #22

Faerie Dance #22

Frost-swept dreams begin in black & white

Faerie Dance #22 "percolated"

Faerie Dance #22 “percolated”

Erupt in spasms of color & dance you awake.  Ready or not.

18 thoughts on “Not so wordless Wednesday . . . .

  1. Nicely done, Mary. I have the original black and white print of this image that you gave me back in 1989? Where does the time go? I love it percolated.


    • You’re so nice to me, Andy. I had it in mind to do a “Wordless Wednesday” blog post – as I’ve seen on many other blogs – but it was beyond my power to not say something. It’s nice to know I’ve got a friend who’s always willing to listen to my blather!


    • Thanks, Laurie. The black & white was done back in my college days for a photo class. My bathtub still bears the stain of developing chemicals. It’s so much easier now with digital. Color and music – that’s where it’s at!! 😉


  2. I remember a time when I was staying with you Mary, and it seemed like you could go all day without speaking. But just as I was going to bed, you would sit on the edge of my bed (your sofa sleeper) and talk away!


    • Thanks, Susie. So, you were a talker, too?! The nice thing about being stuck behind teacher’s piano was that no one could see me – including her – so I spent my time drawing gowns for my paper dolls! Until I got caught. 😀


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