This is just to say . . . .

I have eaten
the hobnobs
that were in
the pantry

and which
I was maybe
for you

Forgive me
they were yummy
so sweet
and full of oats

In homage to one of my favorite poets – William Carlos Willams.  I couldn’t help myself.  (With the cookies or the poetry.)

Gone, baby, gone!

Gone, baby, gone!

21 thoughts on “This is just to say . . . .

    • They are British cookies made from oat flour. If you look for them, don’t be fooled – the same company, McVitie’s, makes “Hobnobs” and “Digestives.” On the package they kind of look the same, but they are NOT. Digestives have oat flour and wheat flour, which gives them a different taste, and texture. Also, Hobnobs come in plain and chocolate covered (nicely thin layer on just one side of the cookie). The latter is the one I love!


  1. Mary, it was the sensible thing to do. I always make sure that my pantry is empty of any goodies. I mean, what would happen if I were to have an accident and end up in hospital and there were say for example, a packet of Hobnobs uneaten in the pantry??? I couldn’t live with that kind of stress. So for that reason my rule has always been ‘purchase and eat immediately’…..


  2. Omg Mary, I absolutely love Hob Nobs! A British friends of mine used to brine some whenever she’d visit and now we can get them here. Aren’t they the most delicious, addictive things? Love your poem and the Hob Nob art! I would so love to frame that snd hang it in my kitchen.


  3. My son-in-law is from Dublin. When his mother came to visit, she brought a suitcase full of Hobnobs… I had never heard of them… Now, when anyone comes from Ireland… I’m first in line to get one.


    • We have friends in England we visit once a year and I stuff my suitcase with them when I return home. I’m generally not a cookie person, but there is something special about Hobnobs. I recently discovered that I can find them at my local Stop & Shop in the ‘International Foods’ aisle. A tube of them costs about $5, but as a treat they are SO worth it. Check out your local supermarket.


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