Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

half face Cardiff 1pmCardiff Bay.
In the dark,
with the noise of
 howling wind and spitting seas
at your back
you stumble and fall
face first
on a braided rug of stones.
Ah, well, lass.  Rest awhile.
No one will mind
if you have a wee nap.
There is time enough
for repair
when you wake.

 While visiting the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales last summer with friends, we passed this lovely woman.  I wondered about her, she looked so peaceful where she was.  Whoever she was, she looks the perfect object for this week’s photo challenge.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

    • Thank you. I think you’re right, that it must have been made of recycled steel. The other side of the sculpture looked like the ghostly hull of a an abandoned ship. I think the piece is brilliant!


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    • Thanks, Cathy. It really is brilliant given the location. I wish I would have gotten the artist’s name. Would like to see more of his or her work. I will have to go back one day. The whole area was beautiful!


  4. ‘on a braided rug of stones’ . . .

    You are so unfair. You’re also so good it hurts.

    PS- I was actually saying this line aloud, and my daughter gave me shit about it. She was like “Talking to yourself again?” and “You get so annoying when you write.”. To which I responded, “It’s not my writing, sorry babe.”
    No, this is simply the kind of writing I strive for all the time.


    • You are kind, Cayman. I will take the compliment, and thank you for it, but you make me blush. I like that you read your work (or mine) out loud.

      Not for nothing, you’re not too shabby yourself, Mr. Thorn.


  5. I love your poem (“braided rug of stones”- brilliant!) and your photograph. It made me think of a boat, too – those upright bits look for all the world like the ribs of some ancient shipwreck.


    • Thanks, Lee. I think the intent of the piece was supposed to be ship-like. Especially from the other side. I loved how the artist did the face of a woman, since ships are generally considered feminine. I would love to find out more about this artist.


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    • I keep meaning to answer this: First of all, thank you! Secondly, the Doctor Who Experience was so much fun and brimming with actual props, costumes, set designs, displays that showcased the entire evolution of some of the original villains, like daleks, and cybermen. We spent over three hours there. The BBC studio is practically next door to the museum. We had hoped to get tickets to get into the Tardis interior set, but they were sold out. Next trip. . . .


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