The sound of falling snow

View from porch using iPhone & Hipstamatic app with Diego lens & Dixie film

I actually ventured outside while it was snowing for this shot.  Taken with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app with Diego lens & Dixie film.

It begins as a whisper.

A few tiny flakes whirling and twirling. The Boy and I (back when he was a little-B boy) called them snow fairies. I don’t mind this kind of snow. The light hangs like a pale scrim softening the sky.  Eventally, the snow fairies become a pageant, the twirling, whirling becomes more boisterous, like happy children dancing, their wild hearts aflutter, while bubbles of laughter cling to their lips.

It is a glorious music, like the joyful tinkle of piano keys.

But it doesn’t last.  The cloud cover chases the scant light away.  Burlier snowflakes barge in like tipsy uncles with round cheeks tottering through a party.  They stumble and fall one on top of the other at a steady tick, blustering protest.  They are the noisy jokers who must be heard.  Splop. Plop.  “Out of the way.”  “Move aside.”  They shout at one another, still clumsy, falling this way and that.  Piling up.  Piling up.

And then, nothing.  They are asleep in their piles, dreaming, quietly breathing, dampening the sound of passing cars with their plump presence.

I have been watching the performance, and listening, trying to find something new, something a little creative in yet another bit of polar vortex melodrama. A meager attempt to bolster my already tenuous hold on sanity.  It’s kind of soothing to look at a snow storm this way.

Until it begins to rain.

P.S.  I did get some lovely pictures and a bit of fresh air, so there’s that.

40 thoughts on “The sound of falling snow

    • I don’t mind the snow fairies. I don’t even mind the tipsy uncles. It’s the never-ending up and down, and freezing rain, along with relentlessly frigid temperatures.

      Your car, though. Are you SURE it’s still there? That it hasn’t been replaced by an alien pod transport? You are in Stephen King territory. 😉


    • I can’t imagine never having experienced snow. I grew up in a mountain town where it seemed to snow pretty much 5 months of the year. It gets old fast. But an occasional snowfall is rather special. I do hope you get to experience one someday. Thank you for your comment.


  1. This is such a beautiful post Mary! I love how you gave the different types of snow, personalities! You are getting very creative with the white stuff. after being in the Vortex for so long!
    Thanks for swinging by the party! Have fun meeting my friends and don’t forget to dance!


  2. Mary,
    You helped me fall in love with snow all over again–just when I was becoming ungrateful for the 13 inches that still remain on our ground.

    “Eventally, the snow fairies become a pageant, the twirling, whirling becomes more boisterous, like happy children dancing, their wild hearts aflutter, while bubbles of laughter cling to their lips.”

    Beautifully written and photographed.
    Note to self: check out the hipster app!

    Thank you for sharing your magical perspective.


  3. I love your photo and the various descriptions of snow. I thought of you while I was out photographing this weekend. There was a bit of faerie action and then the uncles arrived. This was wonderful!


  4. Polar vortex melodrama !! That’s it exactly Mary. It’s beautiful, but oh my…when will it stop? We had the snow and then the rain too. The kids are back at school today and it’s supposed to be warm this week. Such a roller coaster winter. Your photo is gorgeous. There is s calm that just radiates off of it.


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  6. I just came across your post and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and your writing. With the over abundance of snow this year, the post was particularly pertinent. I look forward to the next post!


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