On a Rooftop Dreaming

Jordan last day on earth

This is The Boy.  He is an Epic child, a Mythical child.  He is pure joy.  Look at him, sitting up there on his roof, gazing heavenward.  Dreaming.  Making it up as he goes.  Always climbing.  As a child he scaled whatever heights he could find.  We have the pictures to prove it:  the Boy in trees, atop statues, fences, and walls.

Now he writes songs about rooftops and soaring through space; about sailing the seas, wanting to be a pirate.  He dreams in such bold swaths of color and clarity, and with such passion, it takes my breath away.

He set this photo up of himself on his roof with a tripod and a timer.  It was still daylight at the time.  When he sent it to me I took the original and made it night, threw in some stars and a sliver of moon, because that is how I have known him best — at night.

Even as his life was forming, the wriggling/squirming/kicking came at midnight.  (Oh, how that kid could dance.)  And I was up anyway at that hour. So we introduced ourselves, and communed through the wee hours of the night.  Not for nothing, it was midnight when the labor pains began.  As though he’d decided then, Knock, knock, can I come out now?  Ten hours later he arrived with a skinned nose to mark his blazing entry into the world.  Eyes wide open.

He hasn’t slowed down a bit.

He’ll be home later today for a whirlwind stay.  He has a dentist appointment in the morning, after which, we’ll put him back on a train to where he now resides.  But this evening will be filled with music and laughter reaching into the hours when most people are long in bed.  And the stars will shine among the clouds and the moon will be there, as always.

And he’ll tell me his plans and dreams, and it will all still take my breath away.

Addendum:  The video below was made by the Boy a few years ago for a song he wrote and composed, Aurora Boreality, featuring the Boy and his band — Break Stuff, Steal Things. 

26 thoughts on “On a Rooftop Dreaming

  1. Oh Mary,
    To see your post in my inbox was the first sweet gift (it’s been too long!)
    Then to find this magical piece full of your boy, his magic, and the moon. Makes me want to it read again and again. The final frosting on the cake was the photo and how you so beautifully shared the special midnight bond you guys share.
    Please come back soon…I’ve missed you šŸ™‚

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    • It’s true, Susie, there is a very strong connection. I’m so glad that he lives close enough to come home for hair cuts and dentist appointment. Those visits are generally less than 24 hours, but we do cram a lot of talk and laughter into what we get.

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    • Thank you, Kristen. (Two different Kristin/Kristen’s in a row in the comments. What are the odds?). We are lucky, aren’t we? People who love and are loved have the best kind of luck, and it is just so easy to love kids.

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    • Thanks, Marianne. Nothing like have a child home again, ever for a short time. I’ll take what I can get.

      As for the video, it’s the Boy and his former (college) band. He wrote the song and shot and edited the video, all part of his college senior project. The lyrics to the song (Aurora Boreality) speak to what I was saying in the first couple of paragraphs.

      I was in such a rush to finish the post before I had to pick him up at the train station that I forgot to say anything about the video. I just threw it up there. I’ve since added an explanation. So thanks for asking the question. And thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.


  2. I have no witty or pithy comebacks for this. As I read your words,I had to stop several times and tug at the Kleenex box. I so cried reading this, and I’m actually crying as I write this. It’s exactly the way I felt this morning. It’s the way I feel every single day.
    You have an amazing son. Talent and soul to the moon and back. I was blown away by that photo, and then I was singing along to his song, and now I’m hoping your house is all loud and crazy and I hope it goes on all night.

    Peace, love and Kleenex

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  3. What a gift of a mother you are.
    I hope your son has read this and felt the love that we can tell you have for him. The image you changed to night is wonderful and your son sounds like quite the guy. Thanks for sharing his video, too.
    Glad you had some time with him, no matter how brief!

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    • Thank you, Laurie. The Boy did read it, he reads all my posts. And, yes he’s quite a guy. I swear, though, he came out that way. He’s always been curious and a deep thinker. When he was 2 1/2, sitting in his highchair at dinner one night he suddenly asked, out of the blue – “Mommy, what are Jewish people?” I had no idea where that came from. Or how to explain a complex concept like that to a toddler.

      Having him in my life has been quite a wonderful ride. But, I suspect you feel that way about your boy, too.


  4. Dude I love this! I can only imagine when my son gets to this point I’ll probably be breaking down to see him ride off, but I look forward to him still telling me his dreams, and still taking my breath away. Great pic you posted too. Sending you good vibes this week šŸ™‚

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  5. Mary, this is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt pieces–an ode of sorts, really–I’ve read in a long, long while. Wow! Somehow, I hope to someday have a close relationship with my (now preschool aged) son that’s at least half this strong. The photo and sentiments are just breathtaking and shiver-inducing. Oh, and please keep ‘digging up’ those poems by another you; judging by the first, they’ll be lovely and skillful.

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